Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tomorrow Barnet Council vote to wreck 300 families livelihoods

Tomorrow evening, Barnet Council vote on whether to export 300 jobs out of the London Borough of Barnet. Each one of these jobs will disappear, removing the ability of someone to support their family, pay their mortgage, buy their children a decent Christmas present and pay their taxes.

Let us do the maths. The average Barnet Council employee receives approx £18,000 per annum after tax. If they pay £850 a month in mortgage payments that is £10,200

The average Londoner pays £90 a week for food, that is £4680 per annum

Council tax Band C is £1262

Utilities are approx £1500

That comes to £17642 per year. That leaves £358 per annum to play with.

Once they have been sacked by Barnet Council, the taxpayer will pick up the bill. The job of Barnet Council is to be the custodian of the local economy. Anyone who loses their job becomes a burden on the welfare state. They spend less in local shops. Their children suffer. I believe that the Council will have failed in their duty of care to the local economy if they vote to destroy these jobs.

This is quite apart from issues of risk associated with the proposals.

That is why I am asking a question at the meeting and why I am urging everyone in Barnet to write to their councillors and ask them to stop this madness.

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