Saturday 22 December 2012

Capita Week - The Summary

So Capita week draws to a close. There are some nice pictures of the Thursday protest Capita offices on Vicki Morris Flickr stream -

All of the Barnet bloggers have participated and there have been thousands of tweets & retweets. My blog has had hundreds of hits from Capita computers, so it is fair to say that the company have "taken an interest" in the week.

We are now working on a follow up Capita week in the new year. I have also had some tentative conversations with film Director Charles Honderick and backers about the idea of making "CAPITA! - The Movie". It seems that there are so many stories and so much ignorance about outsourcing that there really is a story to be told. Unlike the two Barnet films we've made this year, this would be a major undertaking. If nothing else, because of the geographical location of all of the problems. We have worked out a tentative budget and if we can raise the necessary cash, we will start production ASAP.

We've learned much from the two films we produced this year. Both received a good reception and much media coverage. As the Capita film would have a national audience, I suspect that we'd have to go for a West End Premiere, which might be fun.

When we started making "A Tale of Two Barnets" I originally thought it would be a ten minute Youtube piece that three or four hundred people would watch. I never expected it to get a premiere in the Phoenix or a showing in the House of Commons. We see "Capita - The Movie" as the next logical project. if we can find people who have the faith to back us financially, then we can make it. We will start fundraising in January, but if you have ten grand in your pocket for a vanity project and a credit in the title, get in touch and we can start today ! If you've read the blogs this week, you will surely know that the story should be told.

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Morris Hickey said...

It has been reported today that Capita have made a complete balls up of a contract they were given by the UKBA - a nightmare organisation itself.