Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Saturday list #27 - What put the "R" in cRapita

Next week is Capita week in Barnet, where we will be examining in some detail how good a job the company chosen by Barnet Council to run its services really is. As a mini truffle starter, here is a taster of some of the press stories which have been in the press.

Are you an aspiring blogger? If you are, maybe you'd like to submit a guest blog for Capita week? Do you know of a story which isn't on the list? Please let us know.

Back in the 1980's, the Government ran a public information campaign entitled "Don't Die of Ignorance" to highlight the risks of AIDS. Perhaps Barnet Councillors should read this list, before their ignorance kills our public services.

1. Capita faces fresh attack over Arch Cru scandal
“Capita has come under further pressure over its role in the Arch Cru scandal after ex-directors of the cell companies that make up the funds alleged it was responsible for flaws in the structure of the investments.”

2. Capita's £1bn Service Birmingham venture falls short
“According to a news report, the review concludes that Service Birmingham, as the JV is called, needs "serious improvement" if it is to meet its targets.”

3. Capita poises axe over 1000 staff – jobs headed to India

4. Capita to axe 84 more jobs at Belfast office

5. Capita loses its lucrative CRB contract after a decade
“Kevin Lapwood, at the brokers Seymour Pierce, said: “There’s a suspicion that Capita has been earning too high a margin on certain central government contracts.”

6. Capita to lose congestion charge

7. Capita blamed in schools' data loss

8. Capita IT staff strike over Indian offshoring plans

9. FSA censures Capita Financial Managers for Arch Cru failings

11. Government urged to ditch Capita after ILA failure

12. “30 Capita staff in Darwen face axe”

13. Capita and administrator renew Arch Cru blame game
Former Arch Cru administrator Bordeaux Services has filed its defence against allegations that it breached its fiduciary duty in relation to the failed Arch Cru funds, blaming the losses suffered by investors on the “unforseeable actions” of the funds’ authorised corporate director Capita.
14. Top-of-the-range perks enjoyed by Birmingham City Council officers
15. Service Birmingham heads off dispute with city council over bill for new server equipment
16. Probe launched into how Birmingham library contract was won by Capita
17. More trials being disrupted over interpreter failings
 I am thinking of remaking this commercial for our local Councillors

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