Friday, 21 December 2012

The Friday Joke - 21/12/2012

There is a great little bar, just round the corner from the North Pole. It is called "The Imaginary Friend". T'was Christmas Eve and Father Christmas, as is way, was nipping in for a quick livener, before going out on his rounds to deliver the presents to all the good children (not that I'm implying father Xmas is ever drunk in charge of a Sleigh and a team of reindeer). He walked in and at the bar was standing his good friend the Tooth Fairy. She looked at Father Christmas and said

"Have you seen this, it is hilarious" and showed Father Christmas this video clip -

After rolling about on the floor, Father Christmas turns to the tooth fairy and says "He really believes Capita will deliver savings of £120 million with their record! Some people will believe absolutely anything!"

This week this blog and all of the other blogs in Barnet have been highlighting the record of  Capita in delivering savings and services. Who would you trust about whether this will work? Richard Cornelius? The Tooth Fairy? Father Christmas? Personally, I just tend to go on the record of someone. If a mechanic screws up my neighbours car, I don't take my car their. If a cafe gives my aunty food poisoning, I don't eat there. If my wife orders a copy of War and Peace from an ebay seller and they send her My Little Pony instead, I wouldn't buy a book from them. When the bloggers of Barnet proposed Capita week, I was aware of three of four major problems with contracts they've delivered. As a result of all the tweets, other bloggers and the emails I've had from up and down the country, it seems there is an almost unendings tream of cock ups.

And the biggest joke of all is that Richard Cornelius and his colleagues in the Barnet Council cabinet actually think they are clever signing up to this nonsense and yes they really do believe that it will all be tickety boo !

(Thanks to the Barnet Bugle for the clip - Happy Christmas Dan and Frank)

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