Saturday 4 April 2015

Hendon Conservatives Campaign Launch Special

Yes, election fever has hit the Bunns Lane office of local Tory MP Matthew Offord. Since his election in 2010, Matthew has lead a whole string of exciting campaigns including

* Human rights for dogs
* Opposition to same sex marriage
* Bought fish and Chips in 2013

Sadly for Mill Hill Residents, he hasn't delivered on his promise of a cheese shop for Mill Hill. Unlike many MP's Mr Offord does not however believe charity begins at home, or at least thats what his homeless brother has to say. Mr Offord has raised his profile in the party since he first became an MP (Daviod Cameron famously mistook him for the soup waiter).

Anyway, if you want to keep up with Matthew's exciting and action packed agenda, we urge you to follow him on Facebook.

It is full of exciting info and video clips like this one of Laurel & Hardy Matthew and Boris

Had a cracking morning in Hendon to mark the launch of the Conservative campaign in London along with local candidate...
Posted by Boris Johnson on Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Anonymous said...

I think it shamefull you should choose to use Offord's sad brother against him. You don't know the full background, nor what Offord May have tried to do in the past, and it's obviously not a new story. Whatever your political dislike, from your blog I would have hoped to see some Christian kindness. You have failed that test.

Rog T said...

I find your talk of "Christian kindness" in relation to Mr Offord and the Conservatives sickening. It is quite right and proper that people are told of the type of person they are voting for and who want large salaries from the taxpayer.

I work with homeless people as a volunteer at a homeless day centre in Victoria and also as part of the Mill Hill Churches homeless night shelter, so I am all to familiar with what this government has done in respect of this issue.

Christian kindness is all about helping those at the the bottom of the pile, those who are discriminated against and those who have nothing.

It has nothing to do with saying nothing about hypocritical politicians appalling behaviour.