Monday 6 April 2015

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 06/04/2015

Here it is again, our favourite regular feature. And without further ado....

1. 50 years ago this week, a band on their way to world domination stopped off in Hendon....

5 April 1965 and The Who played tonight at the Lakeside R&B Scene, the Old Welsh Harp pub, Hendon, north London.

2. Truly shocking Burnt Oak story from North London News

A doctor was forced to perform open heart surgery on the roadside after simmering gang war erupted in a Burnt Oak...

3. Seems like the residents of Edgware are a racy lot, if this rather tragic story is to be believed!

Man who died at swingers party named as Edmund Echukwu from Edgware

4. Fancy a spliff in Edgware? Well make sure Sgt Chris Whelan isn't around the corner as it will cost you!

Edgware SNT officers caught two males smoking cannabis on Buckingham Road - 2 x cannabis warnings given

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5. Seems like Koos Couvee is none to impressed with Barnet Council attempts for social cleansing in the Borough

Barnet Council has actually put out a leaflet encouraging social housing tenants to move out of London

6. Alan Schneiderman is not impressed with the lack of holiday spirit in Barnets parking wardens

Don't forget - it may be Easter Sunday but Barnet still issuing tickets!

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7. Seems like Max the Jack Russell hasn't persuaded Robin Sones to jump into the big Tory bed!

Tory campaign in goes to the dogs Polygamy sure to lose his seat to

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8. Rather bizarrely, the Tory candidate for Finchley & Golders Green is celebrating the rise of the SNP in Scotland? Perhaps Mr Freer belongs to the wrong party and lives in the wrong country?

Election calculus suggest Labour to lose 28 seats in Scotland. Labour meltdown

 9. Shopfrontelegy are rather taken with the Totteridge Brasserie?

Totteridge Brasserie

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 10. The Doldrums head to Mill Hill to record their new single

On our way to for 8hrs of recording now. All prep done last night...

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That's all folks - enjoy the bank holiday

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