Saturday 18 April 2015

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 18.4.2015

Here it is again, our favourite regular feature - the best tweets in our neck of the woods this week. As ever Barnet is Bonkers!

1. There can only be one! The tweet of the week. As politicians all over Britain work out new ways to be rude to each other, the Finchley Conservatives have more important matters on their mind!

 2. However it seems that not everyone in the local Tory Party is thrilled with the implications

stinks around here a bit...all that cheese you should be careful

3. Back in the real word, Police Seargent Chris Whelan is locking up the villains in Burnt Oak. Good to hear that people still occasionally go to prison for nicking stuff!

Good result at court for female who stole a mobile phone on Burnt Oak Broadway - 2 weeks in jail and compensation for victim

 4. If you are hungry, you like sushi and you live in Edgware, this will probably be your treat of the week. You have to admit it looks rather tasty!

Busy, busy, busy!

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 5. Love this tweet from RIBA - Spike Milligan at home in finchley

the birthday of Spike Milligan, pictured in his remodelled Finchley home

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6. Clare Newsome has posted a rather sad & poignant picture of the demolition of the British Newspaper library at Colindale

Demolition of old British Library newspaper archive in Colindale almost complete; the entrance about to exit...

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7. PM Advanced Driving have a rather excellent little video from the MPS training school at Hendon. I think all of us budding Jeremy Clarksons have fancied doing this at some point! (sorry the Police disabled embedding)

Video showcasing the Met Police Driving School at Hendon. Happy Memories!

8. Helen Michael gives Finchley and Golders Green Conservative candidate a rather sideways look at the FSB North London business meeting. Seems she wasn't overly impressed with his policy of cheese liberalisation from the EU!

Local parliamentary candidate Mike Freer talking at this morning's network.

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9. Barnet Cut Films were impressed with the video from the kids at Totteridge Academy

Last year's winning film Totteridge Academy. Getting them to take up our to make a

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10. Fancy some great Klezmer music at the Mill Hill Music Festival? Shir's yer men

MillHillMusicComplex retweeted 
Shir - Londons finest Klezmer band are playing the Mill Hill Music Fest Event details here!

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 As they say in the business !

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