Tuesday 28 April 2015

Mill Hill - Barnets greatest Council ward?

Someone retweeted an old tweet from 2012.

If Mill Hill is the Music Ward, & Totteridge is the Masonic Ward, what names can we give the other Barnet Wards?

It made me think. There is a good case for positively stating that Mill Hill is Barnets greatest ward. In fact I personally would like to declare independence from Barnet Council. I am seriously thinking of setting up the Mill Hill National Party (MHNP), like the SNP, to break away from the oppressive yoke of the Council. Well actually I am not because I think Nationalists are bonkers, but you know what I mean I am sure. 

Anyway, despite the best efforts of Barnet Council to ruin our fantastic ward, we still have many jewels in the crown, which bring us local, national and international fame. I don't think any other ward can boast such a string of jewels.

1. Mill Hill Music Complex. Yes I know I run it, but we have over 1,000 musicians a week through our doors and we've recorded world wide hits like this

2. University of London Observatory. This is a national centre of excellence. Located on the A41 just by Mill Hill Park

3. National Institute for Medical Research. Site of research and cures for many of theworlds most serious illnesses. It also featured as Arkham Asylum in a Batman film. Being closed down and turned into flats and moved to St Pancras.

4. Belmont Childrens Farm. A great day out if you have small kids. Owned by controversial UKIP chairman Andrew Reid.  Being closed down by Barnet Council due to a planning dispute.

5. Saracens RFC. Arguably Englands best Rugby team.

6. Arrendene Open space & the Totteridge valley. Some of the fines walks in London

I don't think any other ward comes close. Do you? What have you got in your ward?

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