Saturday 11 April 2015

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 11/4/2015

Here is the latest installment in our most popular regular feature, so without further ado, here we go....

1. And the tweet of the week is from God Complex who went on holiday, only to return and find Burnt Oak gentrified.

I leave burnt oak for 2 months, come back and there's a subway and a costa- wtf is happening

2. Great picture from Imperial Youth Band at Hendon Police college for gradtuation ceremony

Big smiles and a happy day at Hendon. Massive congratulations and good luck to all who graduated!

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 3. Sarah Barry is less than impressed with Bus Gridlock in Edgware

Bus gridlock at edgware station....

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 4. Danny Caro has some very sensible election advice for Edgware voters

Unsure who to vote for? Someone who can be bothered to clean up Edgware would be refreshing.

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5. Love this picture of Eddie Izzard supporting Sarah Sackman in the Bohemia. Alan Schneiderman is also impressed

The great supporting & visiting local businesses in North Finchley

6. Love this picture from Tory Social. How times have changed in Finchley

Margaret Thatcher arrives at the House of Commons after being elected as the MP for Finchley in 1959

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7. Great Mill Hill Picture from Joel Meadows
8. Ann Mroz tweets a tweet many of us who live in Mill Hill may have tweeted

I have been at Mill Hill Broadway for 40 minutes now. Where are your trains?

9. Whetstone will soon have a new restaurant. We hope that this is the name not the menu!

hello hello! Things are happening! get ready we're coming soon

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10. And finally an important message from Mill Hill Music Complex

ROCK AND ROLL WILL NEVER DIE!!! It will if greedy developers shut all the venues & rehearsal spaces


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