Wednesday 9 September 2015

Barnet Council - if you had one job

I was rather disgusted to see how some of my fellow Barnet citizens leave our beautiful Mill Hill park. There is no excuse for the lazyness and lack of consideration of our fellow citizens who simply can't be bothered to take their rubbish home with themselves. There are lots of reasons why this sort of slovenly behaviour is repulsive, not least because it costs the rest of us money. The more litter slobs leave around themselves, the more the council has to pay for contractors to clean it up. It is also bead for wildlife and for me ruins what should be pleasant experience, ie a walk in the park.

Sadly though it seems Barnet council (or their contractors) are complicit in encouraging this mess. A few yards from the site of this mess, O came across this waste bin. As you can see, it is of a design where you can't put rubbish in. A few dog walkers had tried to tuck "poo bags" in, but it is really not very nice, is it? It is hardly surprising that the parks are in such as state is it?

Does anyone from Barnet Council actually care anymore? I am starting to wonder.

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Glyn said...

I confess that, rather than get angry, I sometimes pick up litter, canes, etc on the way to work, just to try to (slightly) improve the pavement/walking experience for others.