Sunday 20 September 2015

My Reply to Tim Farron

As many readers of the Barnet Eye will know, I quit the Labour party in 2009 and in the 2010 Council elections joined the Lib Dems and stood in the Mill Hill ward. There were four reasons I took this decision (in this order).

1. The support of the Labour Government for mistreatment of refugees by French riot police.
2. The blatent lies of the then Labour government about the reasons for launching a war against Iraq, which Charles Kennedy as leader was the only major leader to call out and oppose.
3. The Lib Dems opposition to tuition fees, brought in by a Labour government.
4. My belief that in the London Borough of Barnet, The Lib Dems, lead by Jack Cohen, were the only decent and principled politicians in the Town Hall.

Shortly after the 2010 election, Nick Clegg swapped the Lib Dems conscience and principles for the keys to a ministerial Jag. The day he ditched the partys opposition (a pledge every candidate signed) to tuition fees, was the day I decided to quit. Out of respect for Jack Cohen and the local activists who supported me, I've refrained from saying too much about the party. I like our local candidate at the 2015 election. But today I got this email from the new leader.

Dear Roger,
One of the biggest mistakes Labour made was when they flip-flopped and fractured in their opposition to the welfare bill. When ordinary people were looking for credible opposition to the Government’s plans, Labour faltered.
The Liberal Democrats were united in opposition because we had a credible, sensible alternative.
Now, Labour shows no intention or desire to understand economic responsibility. They have given up challenging the Government on the economy, and given them the freedom to make punitive decisions against the most vulnerable.

We cannot let the Government go unchallenged, and it’s why the Liberal Democrats are now the only party of credible opposition.

Liberal Democrats represent people in Britain who care about helping those in need, who believe that those with the broadest shoulders must carry the heaviest burden, who care about how free and fair our society is, and who believe we need to spend within our means to achieve it.
If that sounds like you, Roger, I have one big offer to you: join the Liberal Democrats today and become a part of our movement.
Tim Farron
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
 Now I agree with the first paragraph of this email. But Labour have a new leader, who has a clear view of the where he stands. The second paragraph talks about "understanding economic responsibility". The Lib Dems had five years as a junior partner in government. Sadly during this period, they gave the Tories to take plenty of " freedom to make punitive decisions against the most vulnerable" such as bedroom taxes, welfare cuts and hikes in student fees. Tim talks about how  "Liberal Democrats represent people in Britain who care about helping those in need" but their record in government says otherwise. I am not ruling out ever voting Lib Dem again. I most certainly would in the Council elections if there was a possibility that this would prevent the Tories winning Barnet Council. But until such time as Tim Farron and the rest of the party apologise for the catastrophic decision to ditch their principles and back the massive hike in student fees, they have no credibility as a national party and I for one wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

I've no idea if Tim Farron reads this blog, but if he does and he wants people like me to take him seriously, there are four things he needs to do.

1. Apologise for the hike in student fees.
2. Apologise for the bedroom tax.
3. Apologise to all of those pushed into destitution by benefit cuts etc, which his party voted for.
4. Apologise for putting the desires of the mega rich for a tax cut before the poor whilst in power.

Tim, you are welcome to make these apologies on a guest blog in the Barnet Eye or anywhere else you like. The Shadow Chancellor has shown how a politician can benefit from an apology. Now it's your turn

Roger Tichborne

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Moaneybat said...

Tim Farron: "We cannot let the Government go unchallenged, and it’s why the Liberal Democrats are now the only party of credible opposition.

Ha ha ha, ha ha haha ha! Can he count his fingers on his hands? less the thumbs down