Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Corbin not the only one facing a coup?

I was fascinated to see the Ashcroft attacks on David Cameron yesterday. That these were revealed on The Daily Mail, usually the most loyal if Tory papers is illuminating. Could it be that the Mail have concluded that with Labour in turmoil, now is a great time to install a leader more to their liking. Cameron has always been viewed with suspicion by the hard Thatcherite wing of the Tories who would prefer a more ideolically pure leader. One can only assume that with Labour moving left, they've assumed a rightward lurch may be less risky so are happy to see Cameron undermined. 

I suspect this strategy may be rather flawed. I don't think piggate reflects well on anyone. I suspect the only credible candidate to replace Cameron who this won't hurt is Theresa May as she's not exactly a posh boy. I think yesterday was probably a rather strange day for Jeremy Corbyn, I suspect he may even have felt a bit sorry for Cameron. If anyone knows what a press smear frenzy is like its Corbyn.

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