Monday 14 September 2015

#SaveLondonMusic - Please join us on Friday at 8pm at the Mildand Hotel in Hendon

Are you doing anything on Friday evening? If not, why not come down to The Midland Hotel, next to Hendon Rail Station for an evening of great music. We are running a campaign called #SaveLondonMusic to promote Live Music in London and raise awareness of the issues facing venues, studios and other spaces for creative people. Creative industries contribute £8 Million per hour to the UK economy. We lead the world in music and creative art and design, yet the government gives no protection to key sites associated with such industries. Small venues, where talent is honed are being lost at an alarming rate. Hundreds of pubs and clubs in London have been lost. Key reasons are

* Developers forcing out established and successful venues and studios to develop and transform into luxury flats.
* Noise complaints from new tenants forcing closure or massive costs on established venues
* Zero support from council planning departments for studios and other creative spaces
* Zero financial support and investment for industries that promote creativity from Councils and government

Surely the we should be nurturing such an important part of our economic and social heritage?

If you want to find out more, come down, enjoy some great music and have a chat. This is just one of a series of events we are promoting.

My band, The False Dots, featuring well known poet, author and singer Allen Ashely will be playing, also featured are Hamptons an up and coming London band who are building a  solid following and are destined for great things and Misdemeanour, a great 60's & 70's covers band.

It should be a good night!

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