Friday 1 September 2017

Daniel Hope memorial - a message from Kate Salinger

Dear Friends,
Many of you were as shocked as Brian and I were when we learnt of the untimely death of our fellow member, Daniel Hope, in January. As is the custom in Orthodox Judaism, Daniel's funeral was held very quickly after his passing and some members who wished to were unable to attend.
His stone setting will be held on Sunday, September 17th at 4.30pm at Bushey Cemetery, Little Bushey Lane, Bushey, Watford 23 3TP.  If you wish to be there, go North on the A41 and turn left onto Sandy Lane. Little Bushey Lane is off Sandy Lane. Anyone who wishes to attend will be very welcome.
Daniel had many different sides to his character. He had a brilliant and keen mind, sometimes speaking so quickly in his enthusiasm to share ideas, that it was hard to follow his train of thought. Formerly a councillor in Barnet, he dedicated much time after leaving the council to ensuring that their meetings were transparent and open. This did not always ensure popularity but Daniel wasn't bothered by that. Closed door politics were not for him. He wrote a blog entitled, 'The Barnet Bugle' and many a  local worthy shuddered if they saw their name in it. Dan did not suffer fools gladly.
He was a keen Friend of Montclair, going over to the US with the Friends on 2 occasions. It seems very odd to me not to see him turning sausages or pouring out zillions of cups of tea when I held events during last year, (during which time he was silently ill), and this year. He was only 44 when he passed away with kidney failure. His loss has been keenly felt by those of us who knew him well. He was a dear friend to Brian and I, indeed to our whole family. We know that we were very blessed to have been his friend and extremely thankful for the loyalty he showed to both of us in difficult times. Rest in eternal peace, Daniel.

Kate Salimger is a former Barnet Councillor and current Mayoress of Barnet. Her husband Brian is a councillor and the Mayor. As a fellow blogger, it is fitting to remember Dan Hopes efforts as a prolific blogger in Barnet and we are pleased to share Kate's message

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Unknown said...

RIP Daniel. A loyal and true friend if the Cat Hill Protest.