Sunday 3 September 2017

The Tweets of the week - 03/09/2017

They're back. After a couple of quiet weeks, where I couldn't make ten top tweets, we are back in action!

So here it is, don't forget to follow any tweeters who tickle your fancy

1. The latest edition of the Mill Hill Local News is out! check it out

2.Burnt Oak Police are keen to address fly tipping. So are we, so if you see it happening, let them know (and not just in burnt Oak)

3.7th Edgware guides are planning a busy Autumn program

4. Fancy playing in a Symphony Orchestra? Here's your chance!

5. Looks like they had a great day for Grahame Park and Colindale urban Gamez

6. Don's waving his big red plum tomatoes around again! We love a good horticultural tweet here!

7.Want to get fit and have fun? Ever considered Rugby? Mill Hill RFC are looking for new members

8.The Great british Bake off, Cafe Buzz style!.

9. And this weeks historical tweet....

10.Great to see some local musicians smashing it!

That''s all folks!

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