Saturday 9 September 2017

The Saturday List #146 - The Ten most viewed videos from The Barnet Eye!

Over the years, the Barnet Eye has made many videos to use in our blogs. These videos form an important part of the history of the blog. I happened to notice that there is a feature of your youtube channel that allows you to sort your videos in order of the most popular. I thought it would be a good list to publish the most popular.

1.6K views 6 years ago
2. The Trailer for the Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble film. We put a lot of work into the film. It's great to see that there was such interest in it.
1.4K views 4 years ago
3. Disgraced Ex Barnet Councillor  Brian Coleman is berated by his council colleagues for wasting the councils moneyvwith his dodgy parking policies.

1.2K views 5 years ago
4. Finchley Traders Parking Protest. Following the abolition of Pay and Display parking in the Borough, local traders staged a funeral for local high street business. Perhaps one of my favourite clips, simply for it's whacky bonkerness.
1.1K views 5 years ago
5. Brian Coleman is described as the weakest link at a Council meeting, in relation to his failure to implement cyclist friendly policies. He explains that he thinks cycle lanes are simply clutter. A naughty member of the public shouts "tell Boris".

1K views 5 years ago
6. Brian Coleman on Parking. Yet another awful display! Brian had a very popular movie career on the Barnet Eye!

988 views 5 years ago
7. One of a series of videos we made on the performance of Capita, which we were planning to edit into a film "Capita - The Movie". Sadly we never got around to it!
915 views 3 years ago
8. Some rather amusing footage of the behaviour of our elected representatives at a meeting to discuss the proposed siting of a waste incinerator at Pinkham way. This video got huge interest at the time and resulted in a mailbox full of comments from angry residents. The proposal was eventually dropped.

761 views 6 years ago
9. Some more footage of a Council Meeting. This time it is Councillor Tom Davey who disgraces himself and gives a demeaning reratcion following an accusation that veteran councillor Geoff Johnson was lying. Sadly his colleagues found it all rather funny.
717 views 5 years ago
10. Finally, here is a music video we made to celebrate the Barnet Eye getting half a million views on Blogspot. Great track. Some of this has become very out of date/superceded, such as the statement that the council lost £27 million in Icelandic investments. Whilst true at the time this was made, they got most of it back eventually. It was also sad to see the pictures of Ex Council leader Lynn Hillan at the end, who tragically passed away about a year after this was made.

693 views  6 years ago
 I must admit that these are not the top ten I'd pick. The Barnet Eye lead the way in videoing Barnet council and meetings. We published the first video filmed in Barnet Town Hall. As a direct result of this, the council changed its policy (not that it turned out, it actually had one).
 There would probably be two from this list in my fave's. I'd never given it any thought before, but the most viewed were the ones associated with the blogs with the hottest topics. In the days when disgraced ex councillor Brian Coleman was in his pomp, before his conviction for assaulting Helen Michael, he seemed to view Council meetings as a great opportunity to insult as many people as possible. This made for great videos. Since his demise, the meetings have become far less fun to film. I do wish I'd filmed this weeks meeting on Monday. I'm sure that would have done well, given Councillor Daniel Thomas abject performance. 

In total, I've made 82 published videos on Youtube. Some are music videos so weren't considered for this list, as they weren't made for the blog. In total, my videos have had over 26,000 views to date. With regards to the blog, the video aspect has always been something I've done very much as a rough and ready source of some extra spice. In November I'm planning to change my working arrangements, to give me more time for artistic projects. One of my aims is to improve the quality of my video making and output. Needless to say, it probably won't work out like that. When I reviewed this list, I did think that if I'd taken the video aspect more seriously, I could have had a far better collection. I may well have a follow up list next week of my favourite Barnet Eye videos. It will be interesting to compare!