Friday 15 September 2017

The Barnet Eye Big Barnet Libraries Competition! Win £10,000 a year for four years!

Today the Barnet Eye launches an amazing competition with the most spiffing prize in the history of Barnet Blogging. We've got a very simple spot the difference competition. It's really easy to enter. All you have to do is examine the two pictures. One is the Library opening times from 2012 and the other is the Library opening times for 2017. Now just to make it a bit harder, the council changed the font, so ignore the colour and the graphics. We are interested in the words. Jot down as many differences as you can

Library times in 2012

click for more readable version

Library Opening times in 2017

Click for a more reaadable version

Can you spot any differences? Ok, so you want a chance to win £10,000 a year for four years?

Here's what you have to do, it is so simple.

1. Cut and paste the email address of the competition adjudicator into an email - this is

2. In the Message Title bar cut and paste the following line

Congratulations on your wonderful improvements to the Barnet Library service

 3. In main message text, cut and paste the following

Dear Councillor Thompstone. I am a massive admirer of your work and I have noticed all of the following massive improvements to provision of library services that you have instigated.

4. Below this line now list all of the differences you spotted between the 2012 opening times and the new opening times in the 2017 document.

5. Below all of these difference cut and paste the following text.

As a massive admirer of your work, I would love to be selected to be a Conservative Councillor and get a £10,000 a year allowance so I too can make such massive improvements to the library service, which is so cherished by so many children, Parents, Elderly people and other residents. I think you are a wonderful man and have such a lovely moustache.

 6. You may wish to add a tie break answer as we assume this competition will be very popular. Simply add an extra paragraph explaining why you think the changes are so marvellous for the people of Barnet.

The Barnet Eye is sure Councillor Thompstone will be thrilled to get so many people admiring his work.
Image result for councillor reuben thompstone
Councillor Rueben Thompstone and his not at all silly Moustache

Of course, not everyone is a mercenary git in Barnet. You may possibly be appalled at the changes. In which case, I'm afraid you won't get selected as a Conservative Councillor and trouser £10,000 a year in allowances for attending two meetings a year. But you can always send Cllr Thompstone an email listing all of the changes and tell him that you think they are appalling. Sadly, I don't think he'll be quite so thrilled.  Maybe you could tell him he's got a lovely moustache to cheer him up. Here at the Barnet Eye, we in no way think he looks like a complete berk, in the absolutely classical meaning of the phrase.

If you send us a copy of your email, we'll buy you a pot noodle, which is the standard Barnet Eye prize!