Thursday 7 September 2017

Jacob Rees Mogg MP and Morality

I have been struggling to comprehend how to respond to Mr Moggs statements regarding abortion and homosexuality. In desperation, I did something I am sure Mr Mogg would approve of. I prayed to the Good Lord for guidance. I was rewarded with inspiration. It is not for me to condemn anyone. I will merely pose a very theoretical question.

Given a reading of the New Testament, who do you feel Jesus would show more compassion to. A woman, at her wits end, driven to poverty by Tory Government policies, who is raped, catches HIV, and finds she is pregnant, then opts for an abortion in a state of despair. Or would Jesus feel more compassion for an Eton educated, multi millionaire, who despite numerous gifts and advantages in life, belongs to a party that imposes austerity on the poor, subsides tax breaks for the rich with cuts to welfare programs and feels qualified to pontificate, stating abortion is wrong in all circumstances?

Strangely I recall not a single verse of the New Testament that supports Mr Rees Moggs view of homosexuality. When he issued his commandment to Love thy Neighbour, it was on no way qualified, no small print and no conditions attached.

So when Mr Rees Mogg claims his views are based on 'Deeply lead religious beliefs' maybe he should actually read the book his alleged belief is based on. I too have deeply held religious beliefs. A cornerstone is the advice Jesus gave 'don't criticise the splinter in your brothers eye when you have a plank in your own'. So I will not criticise Mogg, just state that they must teach a different version of the New Testament at Eton to Finchley Catholic High School where I passed my O level RE.

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‪Amen Roger. Bravo. 👏 ‬