Friday 1 September 2017

The Friday Joke - 1/9/2017

There are three brothers, all are highly competitive. One is a politician, one is a lawyer and one is a bank robber. They are discussing how much they earn. The Politician starts 'I earn £65,000 a year as an MP. I also get nearly £500,000 as an advisor for tobacco and drug companies, using my influence to ensure legislation is passed that ensures they can conduct their business without too much regulation. The lawyer retorts 'ha, that's nothing, I was just able to make a million acting as an executor for an elderly lady, who passed away. Her family asked me to dispose of her estate, so I bought her house for a snip and sold it to a friend who's a propert developer a week later. I also earned half a million in fees, getting a local chemical company off a charge for polluting the local water supply' The robber scratched his head and said 'I spent three weeks tunnelling into a high security vault, and removed £75,000 worth of gold, which was well insurered by the bank. I may not have earned as much as you guys, but at least I don't feel like a criminal!

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