Friday 26 October 2018

The Friday Joke - 26/10/2018

The Archangel Michael is at the Pearly gates on admissions duty. There are three new arrivals at the gate awaiting their fate. The first is a Priest. The Archangel, nods, and summons St Hilda to accompany him to the priests quarters. The priest thanks him profusely. He then beckons the next person forward. He was a musician in his previous life. The Archangel, nods and summons Jimi Hendrix to accompany the musician to the big jam in the sky.  The Archangel then summons the third man forward. The Archangel looks at his list and looks rather perplexed. He exclaims "How did you get in here?" The man says "Can I have a look at your list?". Peter passes over the list. The man see's his name "Archibald Smith, Capita outsourcing". He then summons a minion and says "Can you accompany the ex-Archangel to the jobcentre, we're running the show now".

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