Wednesday 10 October 2018

Urgent *** Important information concerning Weekly Bin collections for Eldery and Disabled in The Borough of Barnet

Do recieve an assisted weekly bin collection in the London Borough of Barnet? If you are unsure what this means, Barnet Council has a special refuse collection service for people who cannot put bins out for collection for reasons of age, disability etc. Council operatives currently bring bins out, empty them and then put them back when emptied.

Barnet Council has been doing a review of this. As the records are out of date, they are trying to ascertain where circumstances have changed. Anyone who still requires an assisted bin collection must re-apply and supply supporting documentation by the 22nd October, or their collections will cease. I have made enquiries with the council. A form and a letter are bing distributed. The Council told me "These are currently being distributed to properties that are on our historical assisted collection database as well as to those where our crews are carrying out assisted collections on an more informal basis."

If you are aware of anyone who needs this service, these are documents they need to see. Make sure they have not been ignored. You can print them off from here, if they have not been received.

Form to be completed and returned by 22nd October

I have circulated this to the local Churches and Shul in Mill Hill. Please ensure that everyone who requires this service is aware. It would be tragic if people who rely on this service cease to get their bin collections after 5th November, when this is due to come into effect.

I have contacted to council to suggest that anyone who does not respond should be cross referenced against the electoral register and if still living in the property, a site visit could be arranged. I am concerned that given the short deadline, this will also cause an overload on GP services as these letters will be required almost immediately on receipt of the letter. I have to say that I am worried that these changes will cause much stress and bad publicity for Barnet Council. I do not think that less than two weeks notice of such a changeis anywhere near enough time.

I would also suggest that if you have neighbours who are struggling with bringing bins out, they are made aware of this service and take advantage of the council service, details here  -
I also have concerns that there are reports that Barnet Council are getting rid of the special dustacarts used to access narrow streets. From 5th November, I've been told that the council will only be operationg the 28 ton dustcarts. It is unclear how the council will be able to collect waste from narrow roads. If you live in such a road, please be aware of this change.


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