Sunday 28 October 2018

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 27/10/2018

Are you feeling on top of the world today? Well if you live in the Paradise known as the London Borough of Barnet you should! Here's why,through the eyes of our local tweeters. Don't forget to follow any who tickle your fancy (or any of your other bits!).

1. Lets start with a regular. Barnet Rebel is concerned that Barnet Council is unprepared for a cold snap as winter approaches.

2. We rather hope that TESCO's do something about this rather nasty chap, who clearly is doing the wrong job. We suggest an apology and a bit of customer care training/driving schooling

3. Nice little bit of Urban History. We love tweets like this

4. We don't feature political posts on the tweets of the week, but when they all come together and put the community first, we do think a shoutout is order of the day

5. Well done to the pupils of Soundskool for a great job with the RAF Museum in Colindale

6. A big shout out to the Cricklewood Town team who do amazing work.

7. The best way to advertise your business is to do such a good job that people post nice tweets about you. A lesson we should all think about, whether customers or business owners

8. Rave reviews for the latest production by the Mill Hill Musical Theatre group

9. Terrible news in Hendon. Sadly not all families are happy

10. Need to see a great physio? I can thoroughly recommend these. No sniggering now, because in 2001 when I had a damaged groin, they sorted me out to see Mr Gilmore, the top guy (has fixed Alan Shearer and Michael Owen). I'm 56 and still playing footie thanks to Jill and her team. It is great that they will now be in Mill Hill

That's all folks!

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