Sunday 23 December 2018

The Tweets of The Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 23/12/2018

The festivities are almost upon us. The timing of Xmas this year means that it seems like a very lengthy period of festivities. But the world keeps spinning, so lets have a look at what the tweeters of our little piece of paradise have to say.

1. This is a great little clip featuring the beloved Hendon Way! I do love an old movie filmed in our manor

2. When I see tweets like this, it really dos make writing this blog seem worthwhile. Mencap are our charity of the year. If you can make someone smile at Xmas, then you've justified the oxygen you consumed today

3. I don't like the look of this big red plane over Mill Hill!

4. This seems to be a very reasonable comment.

5. The good people of Mill Hill really have had enough of flytipping!

6. Historical tweet of the week, I bet you didn't realise what a dangerous place we live in

7.Xmas in Mill Hill. Carols and the Big Issue outside M&S

8. Nothing like freshly grown brussels. I like to fry them in Olive Oil with salt, pepper and smoked paprika! What's your Xmas dinner tip?

9. Last year, Colindale Foodbank were our Charity of the Year. They continue to be an inspiration. Hats off to the pupils at Whitefields School for their efforts.

10. In a band? Fancy a free rehearsal tomorrow?

That's all folks!!!

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