Saturday 29 December 2018

The Saturday List #201 - My Top Ten gigs for 2018

I go to a lot of gigs. It can be hard to remember them all. I played more this year than for many a year and as ever I went to a bucketload. These are not necessarily in order of bestness! Each one is a different category of gig at a different venue. Just to show the diversity of the music on pour doorstep.

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The False Dots live on Mill Hill Broadway
1. The False Dots live at The Mill Hill Summer Market
It has been a life long ambition to play live on Mill Hill Broadway in the sunshine. How on earth could I have picked another gig! The whole day was pretty magical, great bands and a lovely vibe. I am a big fan of local music festivals. They bring communities together. This was my performance of the year.

2.Eli Paperboy Reed at The 100 Club - June
This was by far the best gig I saw all year, absolutely brilliant. I left totally elated. Not the most professional video but you get the idea!

3. The Silencerz Featuring Lee Thompson at The Chandos Arms, November.
This wasa great gig. The best local gig of the year for me. Well worth  a watch.

4. The Pogue Traders at The Dublin Castle, December

A tremendous gig. If you love the Pogues and Irish music probably the gig of the year.

5. The Family Stone at the 100 Club

Absolutely awesome, the funk gig of the year. This really rocked.

6. The North Finchley Festival.

The best local festival this year, ace performances from all manner of local bands, but a special mention to The Silencerz, The False Dots, Kadoo, The Rock and Roll Sons and Kid Wondr, who all stood out for me.

7. The Jive Aces at Ronnie Scotts.

For me this was the Jazz/Swing gig of the year. I love the band and I love Ronnie Scotts. They were doing the Sunday lunch slot, which is always a blast. For some they are a bit too cheesy, but they are great fun.  Cheesy gig of the year!

8. Joan Armatrading at The St Albans Arena

Joan is a genius and can do no wrong. A great gig and an honour to see such a legend. Love and Affection still sends shivers down my back. My Legend gig of the Year.

9. Janet Kay at Under The Bridge

Janet is another legendary figure. It was a fantastic night seeing a brilliant artist. My reggae Gig of the year

10. The Lightning Seeds at Kenwood.

Kenwood is one of the few places I enjoy open air gigs. Amazing setting for summertime frolics. The Lightning Seeds are a great soundtrack for such a fine venue. Open air gig of the year. 

That's all folks, have a gret year!

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