Thursday 27 December 2018

The Tweets of The Year in The London Borough of Barnet 2018

As is our tradition at this time of the year, we look back over the year and choose our fave tweets from each of the last 12 months. Regular readers will know that we choosed ten tweets of the week every week, so there are over 500 to choose from. Here's our pick.

Sadly the year began with the tragic death of Vijay Patel in Mill Hill. I read somewhere that the average teenager witnesses over 1,000 violent deaths a year in movies and on TV. Sadly these images give no hint to the devastation and hurt that evry single death causes wives, children, parents, husbands, friends and neighbours. I didn't really want to start the round up on such a sad note, but it would have been inappropriate to not mention Vijay.

No round up of the Tweets of the Year could fail to mention the amazing work done by Mark Amies in regards to local pubs and in particular The Railway in Edgware. Mark probably could have provided a years worth of Tweets of the year, but I chose February, as this shows just how long the saga has gone on

No round up of the year could fail to mention the Beast from the East in March.

April saw the start of the the controversial demolition of The National Institute for Medical Research

May saw Barnet's fave cafe win a prestigious award

In June, we saw some great work from The Compton School discussing womens rights at #ExposureOrg

It seems a long time ago when we picked the first blackberrys of summer

Summer saw many local waterways dry up. Sadly the lake at The Darlands nature reserve was one of these. It has been mismanaged by the Council for decades, they want shot of it and sadly just don't care at all.

Not everyone thinks of farms when they think of Cricklewood. Maybe they should think again

No summary of Tweets this year would be complete without a mention for our local litter pickers


In November, we chose this tweet from the 2nd Edgware Scouts.

If you can make someone happy, you have done something wonderful. I think that our award to Mencap achieved that. We don't often give ourselves a pat on the back, but I think we really do deserve it for this. It is a lovely picture.

That's all folks

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