Saturday 22 December 2018

The Saturday List # 200 - #SaveLondonMusic - The top twenty tracks recorded in London Recording Studios

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London Calling - The iconic London Song
So we reach our 200th Saturday List. To mark this, I have put together a special list, that has taken a rather long time to research and check. 

For me, nothing is more important than the London Music Scene. On Saturday, we had the Save London Music Xmas party with The False Dots and epublic of Brentford, on Monday, I went to see Ian Shaw at Le Crazy Coq's, last night I was at The Dublin Castle in Camden for The Pogue Traders  Tonight I'm at The Dublin Castle for the Barnet  band of The Year, The Silencerz. This is not a chore, its a privelige for me. We are so lucky to live in London and have all this on our doorstep, great music at grassroots venues.

As I run a recording studio, another aspect of London Music that I especially love is the recorded history of recorded music in London. I have been researching this and put together my personal top 20 tracks recorded in London Recording Studios. The rules are simple, the tracks must be recorded in a London Studio (or live at a London venue and be iconic) and there can only be one per artists/band.

There may seme to be some strange omissions/inclusions. Some are down to my personal prejudices, some are because songs that we always think are London tracks were recorded somewhere else (a good example is 20th Century Boy by T. Rex, which would be in but was recorded in Japan). I'd love a top 30, but it would need to include pre 1960's and post 2000 music, which are not areas that I am especially up on. My main knowledge is between 1965 and 1995. When I expand to 30, Parklife by Blur will def be added as would Kinky Afro by The Happy Mondays. Amy should be there, but the albums weren't recorded in London.

Here is my list, have a listen and take some pride that all of this music was recorded in our amazing City.

What would you add? Please check whether the song was actually recorded in London

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