Sunday, 16 February 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 16/02/2020

It's Sunday, so what has been happening in the Borough of Barnet?  Lets see what caught the eye of our local tweeters? I must say that it's a great list this week. Lots of great stuff.

1. One of our favourite contributors has a Tweet that is literally out of this world! If aliens from outer space arrived above Edgware, this is what they would see!

2. We live in an era of #FakeNews (and some dodgy tweeters around here!) so what better than an exhibition of fake news at one of our favourite local art galleries. Well worth a view.

3. A local lad done good! Happy Belated Birthday Mick!

4. I love this piccie and the comment. I remember this well

5. This is a subject close to our hearts. A few years ago my daughter nearly burned our house down with a candle (read the tale of woe here Please take note

6. Nice bit of local history here

7. Rather like this tweet. A little reminder that the flowers are for everyone

8. Its seems like a long time ago that the sun was shining as we all get soaked and buffetted by storm Dennis. Tuesday was lovely!

9. There was a tragic death in Finchley this week

10. There has been some amazing music made in Mill Hill over the years. Mill Hill has had its first major music release of the year. There are some nice shots of Mill Hill and around the Borough in this great track from C-Def (please note it contains a few naughty words). See how many local locations you can spot. Click here for some more videos with Mill Hill  musical connections

That's all folks!!!!

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