Thursday, 20 February 2020

Thursday Local News Round Up - 20/2/2020

Thursday is our local news day at the Barnet Eye, where we bring you a round up of local community news.


As regular readers will know, the Barnet Council local plan is out for consultation. The community facing the biggest change is Edgware, with over 5,000 new dwellings. A public consultation meeting has been organised. We urge all local residents to attend

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Sadly there has been no action from the council with regards to securing and renovating the Railway Hotel.


Just across the Borough border in Brent we have the Matalan site planning application
Deadline for comments is today, 20 February 2020 on planning application to replace the Matalan building with residential blocks up to 9 storeys high.…/

We will also be seeing tree removal by Network Rail

Health centre to close


There is an upcoming talk on female filmmaking


The BBC reports that @BarnetCouncil have frozen the loan to Saracens

Mill Hill

Many thanks to the Mill Hill Residents association for the info. We suggest all Mill Hill Residents follow their Twitter -

Noise disruption from Thameslink

PLANNED ENGINEERING WORKS Be aware that tonight Thameslink is planning engineering works. Find out how this might affect you:
Local Plan
Where: LBB Offices, 2 Bristol Ave, Colindale NW9 4EW

The new Local Plan sets out a vision for how Barnet will change as a place over the next 15 years and forms a strategy which emphasises the borough’s attractiveness as a place to live, work and visit.

Together with the Langley Park Residents' Association, the Mill Hill Residents' Association has arranged for the Planning Policy Team to explain this plan to our residents.

This is a public meeting and everyone is invited.

If you are planning on attending, please send an email to

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