Sunday, 15 November 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 15 November 2020

 Week two of lockdown. How are you coping? The second lockdown has a very different feel. We have football, take away coffee and we can have as much exercise as we want. We can't go to the pub, restaurant or the gym. In the last two weeks we've waved goodbye to Donald Trump, Dominic Cummings and we've heard that there is a vaccine on the way for Corona virus. Maybe 2020 will end on a high and 2021 will be a real rennaisance year. Lets hope so.

This week there have been some fine and rather interesting tweets. We do suggest following these tweeters if you like the cut of their gib. Interesting, informative and with genuine engagement.

1. Ever wondered where George Michael grew up? Now you know. This is why I love doing this, there are always little nuggets of interesting trivia to learn about our neighbourhood.

2. There are interesting and great tweets and there are fascinating threads, that start in one place and end up with a stack of almost unrelated stuff being unearthed. I will slightly break a rule that I don't select Barneteye tweets, as this thread started with a Barneteye Tweet, but where it went and the resulting stuff is worth a look so I hope you won't feel this too narcissistic. Thanks to Ian McGreevy and Nik Hunt who made this a truly wonderful thread


3. Nice pics of High Barnet

4. If you are interested in how Barnet may be decarbonised, this will be something you might want to attend

5. We rather like the arcade at Finchley. We beleive such things are worth preserving and with a bit of imagination and good design could be the centre piece of the plans. Lets never forget that British Rail wanted to demolish St Pancras, it is now the worlds best station (IMHO. A great blend of old and new.

6. This made me chuckle. I love a bit of photographic humour

7. Whilst we are in lockdown, the new Brent Cross West station is taking shape. This is a fascinating view of the work from a passing fast Intercity Train

8. Did you know that the RAF museum at Hendon was opened 48 years ago today by Her Majesty the Queen. I remember it well, my Dad as an ex RAF Officer blagged an invite. He took me down on the first day it was open to the public. I was fascinated to see the Wellington bomber, the last complete one left. He flew these in North Africa, Italy and the UK. I was disappointed I couldn't have a look inside

9. And 97 years ago Hendon Central Station opened to the public

10. This is perhaps the most intriguing tweet of the week. I'd quite like to know a bit more about this.

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