Monday, 9 November 2020

Why I find Trump's behaviour unforgiveable

 I've refrained thus far from making any comment about the result of the US election. Most people in the UK don't really understand US politics and I believe that there are deep structural issues in the USA that neither candidate seem to have a program to address. I have no enthusiasm for Biden, although for me he ticks the box "lesser of two evils" politically. I have yet to meet anyone who can quote a single Biden initiative or keynote policy that is in any way inspiring. There has been lots of talk about things he might do, that I might agree with, but apart from saying a few nice words about healing America and being a President for everyone, I am yet to see any meaty policies in his manifesto that will do that. In the UK we tend to see The Democrats as Labour and The Republicans as The Tories. This is complete nonsense. The Democrats are far nearer politically to the Ken Clarke/Ted Heath school of Conservatism. Under Trump, the Republicans are pretty much and American UKIP. Just imagine if that was the only choice in the UK, would you vote for Ken Clarke or would you vote for Nigel Farage? I actually think Ken Clarke would probably be a better leader than Biden, as at least you have some idea where he stands. 

As to how Biden will treat the UK, last week, before a vote was cast, I wrote that Biden will be bad for a Boris led Great Britain. I've seen nothing to contradict this point of view. As I am not a fan of Boris and this may hasten his demise, I am not entirely sure I see that as a bad thing, but we will have to live with the consequences of his well documented antipathy towards Boris. It is highly likely to materially affect us, especially if we have a hard #Brexit with no US trade deal. For me, firms closing and people losing their jobs will be no 'silver lining'. 

Having said all of that, when we turn to Donald Trump, I detest the man. It has nothing to do with his politics, although these are not to my taste. It is the man. There are certain behaviours that I find absolutely beyond the pale. On Sunday, I wrote about my feelings about Remembrance Sunday and my Father's war career. He flew a tour of active service for the RAF during WW2. He risked life and limb for his country and freedom. On his last mission, he was shot down. His rear gunner and best friend was killed. He was taken prisoner of war and held in a camp in Bucharest, Rumania. He escaped and made it back to the UK after 68 days. Any respetc I may have had for Donald Trump, any thought of "lets give him a chance" departed on the day Mr Trump insulted my Father and every other serviceman who was held POW during the various conflicts of the 20th Century. 

Mr Trump stated during an interview in 2015, when asked about the war record of Senator John McCain "I like people who weren't captured". 

Now I accept that many people don't have relatives that had the experience my father had, weren't brought up with tales of the privations of POW's, didn't see the psychological damage caused by the PTSD associated with the experiences. I fully understand that some people may feel that Trumps policies are more important than the failures as a human being of the man. But for me, I cannot forgive a draft dodging loudmouth for an insult like this directed at people who's boots he isn't fit to clean. For me, some things will always be more important than politics. I just hope that at the next US election, the American people, our greatest friends and allies, get a more inspiring choice. I celebrated Bidens win, because Donald Trump was not, is not and never will be fit for public office.


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Fraser said...

Well, I'm sure you know the difference between Russian and American politics

"In Russia, nothing is known, and everything is understood
In America, everything is known, but nothing is understood"

Trump is Trump and like Marmite. Don't forget he got far more votes than last time, it's just that Biden got more.