Sunday, 29 November 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 29/11/2020

 The last Sunday of lockdown, the last Sunday of November, the first Sunday of Advent, the Christmas season, the weather is grey, the football has been exciting. But what have the tweeters of the Borough of Barnet been up to? Find out here (some proper top nothc tweets this week).

1. Perhaps Mill Hills favourite son, friend of my Dad, a legend, tragically lost 45 years ago today. He has a blue plaque in Parkside. RIP Champ, still racing on the big circuit in the sky

2. This looks worth a watch for all of you transport history nuts. It always amused me that the Trolleybus to Burnt Oak was the 666!

3. Edgware used to be the world epicentre for manufacture of musical instruments. Sadly manufacturing i this part of the world is almost non existent now. Nice tweet!

4. If any of you are stuck trying to work out what to get me for Xmas, one of these will do. Looking fantastic in Hampstead

5. This reminded me, must head on down to Wing Yip soon. One of our local gems, if like me you fancy yourself as a bit of a Fanny Craddock (younger readers ask your Grandma what this means!)

6. Good to know that the pitch will be in top notch condition for the resatrt at our local football team. Head on down next Saturday to support the boys. Grassroots football must survive

7. Regular readers will know I love a good map and what could be better than a map of local pubs. If there are any budding mapmakers out there who want to make an updated version, let me know. This is wonderful

8. Wonderful picture of a Short Eared Owl at Darlands Nature reserve by Finchley Birder

9. I'm endebted to Mark Amies AKA @Time_NW for digging out this picture of me on my bike in the mid 1970's and Ian McGreevy for telling the tale of the the road contractor who couldn't go round corners! Classic tweeting!

10. We had proper reggae royalty in Mill Hill this week!

Thats all folks!

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