Saturday 28 November 2020

The Saturday List #288 - My top ten funny moments from the movies

 We all have favourite moments from the movies. As this is the final Saturday of the second lockdown, I thought it would be a good time to post these, as we all need a good smile. 

1. Life of Brian -  "He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy" This film is full of great moments. I'm not a massive Monty Python fan, but this is classic.

2. The Producers - "Where did it all go right" - The original with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. An amazing film, I love the pathos of this scene. Couldn't find a good clip of this. Watch the film

3.  Kind Hearts and Coronets "The confession". The final scene where a reprieved Alec Guinness, remembers he's left a full confession in his cell. A classic twist. Coulnd't find this either, use the end of lockdown to check it out

4.  Some like it Hot - "Well nobody's perfect". The film ends with Jerry (Jack Lemon) revealing to Osgood (Joe E. Brown), who has the hots for his character (played in drag), that he is in fact a man. Osgood is totally undeterred, announcing "Well nobody's perfect".

5. Up in Smoke - "Lardass". As a teenager I loved the stoner humour of Cheech and Chong. There is a scene where they go to the Police station to buy weed off a bent cop. As the cop goes off to retrieve some from the stash of confiscated weed, the Cop who is supposed to be staking out Cheech and Chong radio's in to report. He is operating under the codename of "Hardhat". Having access to the radio Cheech replies "Hey Lardass!". The cop then repeats "This is Hardhat" to which the same response is received. It always makes me snigger.

6. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. There is a scene where Steve Martin and John Candy wake up in a double hotel bed, which circumstances have forced them to share. As they awake, they have forgotten who they are sharing the bed with, the scene is both embarrassing and extremely funny. There reaction when they realise is classic.

7. Stir crazy - The Jail Scene. Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are put in a cell with some rather mean dudes. The first time I saw it, I nearly cried with laughter watching them arrive trying to look bad and the whole thing unravelling in a matter of seconds. 

8. Kes - The football scene. Brian Glovers performance as Mr Sugden, the over enthusiastic Manchester United supporting games master, who joins in with the kids game is comedy gold. 

9. Four Lions. The bleach  scene is classic. Very dark humour but hilarious

10. Crocodile Dundee. "That's not a knife". Hogan at his finest, a lesson in how to deal with muggers

That's all folks.

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