Monday 22 March 2021

Save The Railway Hotel - Please sign the petition now

Just over a week ago, our local Pub champion, published author, industrial historian and BBC Radio London contributor Mark Amies launched a petition to get Barnet Council to take serious action to protect the Railway Hotel in Edgware. 

You can sign this petition here -

In this time, the petition has attracted a very health total of nearly 500 signatures, not bad considering that this is all via retweeting and sharing on Facebook. We are championing this cause because it will send a poweful message to developers that the locals of Edgware and The London Borough of Barnet are not prepared to let our heritage be destroyed. The Railway is Grade II listed, but has been left to rot for sixteen years. Mark has asked for Barnet Council to take out a compulsory purchase order to get the Railway restored, if the current owners will not take proper action to protect this grade II listed building. 

Some London Boroughs have taken strong action to prevent unscrupulous developers from destroying such buildings.

Please be aware of this when people tell you 'Nothing can be done'. Westminster Council took firm action and other owners will think twice before pulling that stunt in Westminster. This is not a Political point. Westminster Council are run by the Conservatives. We simply want Barnet Council to follow the excellent lead of Westminster. If developers know a council is serious about enforcement, they don't take liberties, which is ultimately the best for all. The residents don't get bad development, the council costs are reduced as developers don't bother trying it on and developers come up with better schemes.

If you are unaware of the issues, please watch these two videos we made with Mark. 
This first was made two years ago in 2019.

And this one was made lasty year

Please spread the message far and wide. We are hoping to get over 1,000 signatures by the end of the month. 

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