Sunday 7 March 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 7th July 2021

 Some weeks writing this feature is easy, it writes itself. Some weeks I spend hours trawling. I'll let you guess what this week was. I'll give you a hint, I think it is a pretty good selection!

1. If you live in Burnt Oak and you've lost your Guinea Pig, this may be of interest

2. WHilst we're in Burnt Oak, how about a little bit of 'Professional' Action

3. Historical Tweet of the week. Back when parts of Burnt Oak were known as Redhill

4. One of our favourite local pubs

5. A marvellous initiative

6. We love a trip to Elstree reservoirs. So does Samuel Levy

7. I doubt too many will miss this particular train. I can recall the pong as it hurtled through Mill Hill when I was on my morning commute

8. Lots of talk on twitter of a mystery Troll. A Better Mill Hill found him!

9. We agree!

10. Today is the Manchester Derby and so here is a tweet to celebrate from Mill Hill, home of many Prawn Sandwich bragaders (only joking)

That's all folks!

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