Sunday, 28 March 2021

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 28.03.2021

 So on this auspicious day, when the Barnet Eye passed the incredible milestone of 3 million views, what have the Tweeters of the London Borough of Barnet got to say for themselves?

1. It only seems right to start with a plug for one of our local foodbanks

2. Some nice local history from Copthall School

3. Those of us who are long time locals will enjoy these pictures of Edgware cinema, sadly no longer with us

4. However it's not too late to save The Railway Hotel in Edgware. Be Like Paul at Modern Attics and sign the petition!

5. We cannot speak highly enough of the efforts of Ben Watts and the Friends of the Welsh Harp

6. We are also big admirers of the work of the friends of the Silkstream. Awful to hear of the oil pollution this week

7. Great to see local sports clubs starting to open up, especially for young people

8. Those of us who have used Thameslink over the years, will remember the pong of the rubbish trains from Cricklewood. The last one has no run and the waste transfer station has been closed

9. Did you know Colindale Police station is closing for refurbishment and you'll have to go to Barnet to report crimes etc?

10. One of our finest local singers has been making a name for hersef this week

That's all Folks!

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