Sunday 14 March 2021

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 14/3/2021

 In the week where the first green shoots of the easing of the lockdown have appeared, what have the illustrious tweeters of the Borough of Barnet been up to? There is some amazing community stuff here this week. Please follow any tweeters who you think are doing good things and even more importantly retweet them. It helps get these great things out there. In a lockdown, we can't do much but we can do that.

1. Nice tweet from Nick Hunt about a little piece of local history

2. We agree with Feargal and Ben. This is a campaign we've been supporting for a while now.

3. A campaign we've been supporting for a very long time. We agree with Susan and all of the other supporters of this campaign

4.Regular readers will know we are big supporters of local Scout and Guides groups. It is amazing to see how creative so many have been during lockdown

5. Congratulations to the Rev Roy in his new role. Roy is one of the good guys, we know he'll be an excelent vicar

6. Many of us are excited to see team sports return. If you fancy trying your luck with Rugby, Hendon RFC are looking for players

7.Today we learned of a brand new campaign and Twiter account to Save College Farm in Finchley. Please support and follow

8.Please support your local foodbank


9. And support the Finchley Food project

10. What a marvellous idea.

That's all folks

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