Wednesday 7 July 2021

A short reflection on the 7/7 bombing

Back in 2008, when I was still writing for the Barnet Times, I wrote a reflection on the 7/7 bombings. I was caught up in the events of the day and narrowly missed getting on the bus that was blown up. I happened to be on the no 30 bus that was immediately following the bus that got blown up. 

I spend my life searching for inspiration. Perhaps one of the most inspiring people I've met is a Parishioner at the Sacred Heart Church in Mill Hill. Marie Fatayi Williams lost her son on that very bus that I missed, which was blown up in Tavistock Square.

Shortly after the bombing, she made an impassioned plea for reconciliation that was broadcast globally, and won near universal acclaim for her strength of character in seeking good from evil. In 2015, she was interviewed by BBC News. Anyone who is a parent can only admire her strength of character. I am not sure I could forgive anyone if I found myself in her situation, having a child murdered, but that is because I lack her maturity and spirituality. Such people are inspirations and we should seek to learn from them. 

On this day, we should all pause for a moments reflection. Our City has seen many traumatic events in my lifetime. 7/7, Grenfell, The Kings Cross fire, The Baltic Exchange bomb, The Victoria Station bombing, all of which I know people who have been directly affected by. It is a scar on our collective heart.

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