Sunday 25 July 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 25 July 2021

 So how has your week been? We hope that after a long cold winter, the new found freedoms have brought you some fun. But the burning question I'm sure you've all been asking is "What have our Tweeters been up to?" Here is our selection of the best.

1. Lets start in Edgware. Mark Amies has been campaigning to Save the Railway Hotel in Edgware for many years. He's been keeping an eye on it and has kept it in the public eye. We've been supporting him all of the way

2. Natalie Miranda is one of our very best local singers. We suspect that if you didn't nip down to Lodge Lane at 1pm today to see her for free, you've missed out on a fantastic show.

3. Fancy sampling a little bit of Brazil? In Finchley?

4. A date for your diary

5. Donald's marrow's have brought him a bevvy of admirers. A way to go this year this year though

6. Totteridge Long ponds are one of our most loved local landmarks

7. Nice update on the work at the Stonex Stadium from Inside Mill Hill

8. This was one of my favourite special meal deals ever. We loved the Day of the Raj. We are lucky that we've still got the excellent Mill Hill Tandoori for our Friday night dinner!

9. Why not help your local group looking after our waterways!

10. And finally, we commemorated one of our own

That's all folks!

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