Sunday 18 July 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 18 July 2021

 The year of living uninterestingly progresses. Next week, Boris is allowing us to catch the virus in many more ways than we have been so far, so I expect a torrent of hugely exciting tweets as we all loose our collective marbles with the excitement. But this week.....

1. Our friend Samuel Levy AkA @FinchleyBirder has been quiet of late, however we thoroughly agree with his selection of amazing nature walks from earlier in the week

2. A great performance from our local team in an early pre season friendly

3. Sad news from Finchley and Wingate FC

4. Nice Post from the Mill Hill historical society

5. If you are an East Finchley lover, this is a tweet you may be interested in

6. Nice pic of world champion racing driver Graham Hill in Mill Hill. Looks like my Dad in the background having a crafty oily. I know the pair of them were friends

7. Lovely Tweets

8. Well done to Emily, always good to find a use for such things when no longer needed. Sorry or your loss, Rolo looked lovely

9. Fancy help cleaning up Dollis Brook?

10. A sad anniversary this week

That is all folks!

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