Friday 9 July 2021

The Friday Joke - England vs Italy celebrated

A good friend of mine is a big England fan, rather embarrassingly for him (at the moment), his wife is a rather attractive Italian lady, who is also rather passionate about football. I had a coffee with them yesterday and there was some amusing banter. I made the mistake of asking about what they will be doing on Sunday in anticipation of the game. I have changed their names to Fred and Claudia to spare their blushes. I thought the conversation was hilarious.

Rog: So what are the plans for Sunday and the match Fred

Fred: Well, I'm going to get up and have a nice big Full English breakfast.

Claudia: No you are not, you've got high blood pressure, you can have a nice Espresso and a fette Biscottali like you have every Sunday.

Fred: Then I am going to nip down and get a crate of Carling for the match.

Claudia: Oh no you're not, you know what the Doctor said about drinking, you can have a nice glass of Barolo, Italian red wine is good for the blood pressure

Fred: I think a good old fashioned English Roast beef dinner would also be fitting.

Claudia: What are you talking about, you know we're having chicken linguini and salad.

Fred: And when Harry Kane bangs in the winner, it will be the best night of my life!

Claudia: Only if sleeping in the shed is your idea of the best night of your life

Rog: So Claudia, what are your plans for Sunday

Claudia: I might get Fred a tin of Alphabetti Sphagetti so I can enjoy watching him eat his words at ten O'Clock (as she scowled menacingly at Fred). 

Of course I will be cheering England on. I feel a bit nervous, if there was one team I didn't want to play in these finals, it is Italy. I love their manager Roberto Mancini, who took Man City to their first title in 36 years. I love the way Chellini plays the game, as a former centre half. But I want to see an England team with Stirling, Walker, Stones and Foden stuff them. 

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