Sunday 4 July 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 4th July 2021

 This feature is a light hearted look at this weeks tweets from the London Borough of Barnet. We bring a mix of the weeks best tweets that give you a flavour of the area as well as a couple of forthcoming events and a shout out to those doing great work in our community. If there is a big news story in the Borough we may also feature that if there are relevant and interesting tweets. Here is our pick

1. A big shout out to the Romanian community in Burnt Oak for their amazing work cleaning litter

2. A top bloke, always used to open the St Josephs College garden fete in Lawrence St. Lovely man

3. Feeling hungry? You will be once you've read this. As an aside, the most read blog on this site was the one annoucing that Bang Bang Oriental was reopening. It went viral and had 25,000 hits in four hours

4. Live in near Colindale? Need some plants?

5. Our historical tweet of the week, who knew Hendon used to be so exciting

6. Congratulations to an amazing local business

7. Cricklewood at it's finest

8. This put a smile on my face!

9. News from our favourite local Rugby club

10. Recalling a local legend

That's all folks!

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