Tuesday 26 October 2021

Barratts development on the Ridgeway - No enforcement by Barnet Council

One of the conditions of planning permission for the Barratts development on the Ridgeway, of the National Institute for Medical Research was that all lorries leaving the site would have their wheels washed, to prevent the spread of contaminants on the site being spread around Mill Hill. 

The planning process identified various high risk materials that may potentially pose a risk to local residents and children at a local school located less than 100 yards from the boundary of the site. These include radioactive materials, bio hazards, dangerous chemicals and asbestos. It was agreed by Barratts that all wheels would be washed on lorries leaving the site as part of the process to mitigate these risks.

So how has this gone. Our friends at A Better Mill Hill have been tracking progress. Have Barratts complied with the condition and have Barnet Council been keeping an eye and using their stuatory powers to ensure compliance.

On Friday 17th September, I got this rather surreal response, however I see no evidence of any action at all. I've been corresponding with Barnet on this issue for nearly two years (I've spared the officer his blushes by not naming him).

Sent: Friday, 17 Sep, 21 At 16:15
Subject: RE: Enforcement Acknowledgement Letter ENF/0925/21

Dear Mr Tichborne,

Thank you for your emails.

Based on the further photographs you have provided, I will be preparing a report recommending that a formal breach of condition notice is served.

Please note that the breach of condition notice can only require the developer to adhere to the details set out in the approved CEMP, ie that wheels of all groundwork and delivery vehicles are jet washed prior to vehicle egress. The notice would not be able to specify the quality of jet washing.

Kind regards,

******* *********

So you have some flavour of what I'm talking about, here's a few tweets (and a few replies) - I'll let you make up your own mind. The oldest is from March 2019. 


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