Sunday 31 October 2021

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 31st October 2021

The last day of October, where has the year gone? Have you had a good week? I've had a sort of OK one. I was at Hadley FC on Tuesday, a disappointing result but nice to stand on the terraces and have a beer under the floodlights. On Thursday, it was five a side at Powerleague, Friday was a fine curry at the Mill Hill Tandoori and a couple of pints at the Mill Hill Services club. Yesterday, we had a tasty burger and a pint at The Old Mitre in Barnet. I've not been there for a year. The former governor banned me as I disagreed with his pro Brexit views and anti vax/lockdown stance on Twitter. I'm pleased to report he's gone and the pub still serves a wonderful pint. After taking food and refreshments, we adjourned to The Bull Theatre to watch Mr Lee Thompson of Madness with The Silencerz, a truly wonderful evening.

That was my week, but the question is, what are the local tweeters up to. I must say that I think this weeks selection may be the best one I've put together. I'd like all of the contributors to give themselves a pat on the back for a brilliant selection. 

1. If you've got kids and you are in Burnt Oak tomorrow, nip down to the library. I think this is wonderful!

2. One of the joys of putting this column together is that I find absolute gems like this. Now I know what to watch later!

3. We love a bit of history here. This is wonderful!

4. Given what is happening in Hendon with the redevelopment scheme, I cannot but help notice the irony.

5. I may have to overuse the word wonderful today. I absolutely love this. All I can really say is that I think Cricklewood has by far the best local residents group in Barnet. What they've done at the station is awesome

6. This makes me wish I was nine again. Another marvellous tweet

7. Did you know that the Jarrow March passed through Edgware? You do now!

8. I was there last night, at the Bull in Barnet as mentioned above. This was a wonderful evening

9. This tweet made me spit my tea out laughing. Maybe one day I'll do a blog on the best graffiti in London.

10. The Mill Hill Hall of fame!

That's all folks!

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