Monday 4 October 2021

Urgent message from the Midland Hendon Community Group

 Hello Friends and Supporters 

JUST A QUICK TIME CRITICAL REQUEST following email a month ago.
Hendon Hub planning applications are now live on the Barnet website so legal action must be filed ASAP.
The last chance to have a judge look at the blueprint of the policies underpinning the Hendon Hub developments and stopping Barnet Council from passing these plans.

Any donation, no matter the size, will be greatly appreciated to take the challenge to the next stage. 
The target to raise in the NEXT EIGHT DAYS is £20k for this stage. 
We have about £8300 at the moment.

If you can help, please do so. Grateful thanks to those who have donated or spread the word.
Happy to try to answer any queries or direct you to the answers.


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Midland Hotel Community Group said...

Thank you Roger. If we thought our application was terrible to go through, the Hendon Hub has 7 separate applications and excess of 600 documents to go through in about 3 weeks when people are ultra busy starting back at work, school, Christmas and days are dark and cold.

Hope BarnetEye readers can find a few minutes to support the legal action with a donation.