Thursday 20 January 2022

Calling all Barnet Small Businesses - Make sure you apply for your Covid Relief ASAP

 If you are a small business in Barnet, you are most likely to be able to apply for a Covid grant. These must be applied for by the 14th February 2022 and can be up to £6,000. The process is slightly cumbersome, you have to load copies of your last accounts, 2 Utility bills, a rent statement (or other docs if you don't rent), your last four months bank accounts and proof you are trading (sales receipts etc). It took me approx 40 minutes to apply on Tuesday night. This morning I received the following message


Your claim submitted through under reference number: ****** has been updated

Message from London Borough of Barnet: I can confirm that your grant claim has been approved and you will receive payment within 5 working days.

For our business, this is a lifeline. We had a negative cashflow in December. In the music industry, bands book and pay for rehearsals months in advance for Xmas shows. We had to refund tens of thousands of pounds of bookings, as bands had their shows cancelled as Omicron hit and the Govt cancelled Xmas parties by issueing work from home advice. The grant has meant that we can pay our rent this month. 

I must compliment Barnet Council on their efficient processing of the claim. 

There is a limited pot of money for this particular relief. It is being paid on a first come, first serve basis, so if you don't apply you will miss out. 

Visit to apply. If you have any problems with the process, contact your local councillor ASAP and they will assist. If they cannot help, please email me, do not include personal details, just a contact number and a brief description of what the problem is with the process and the Council Ward you live in. I will treat any requests in strict confidentiality. I have helped several Mill Hill businesses to claim relief, but I can make no promises. Good luck with it and please, don't delay. 

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