Sunday, 30 January 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 30th January 2022

 So how has your week been? Mine has been pretty good. Nice curry in Aldgate yesterday (as mentioned yesterday), five a side at Powerleague on Thursday, a classic game! On Friday had a nice curry in Mill Hill and a couple of beers at The Services club with my old mate Boz Boorer. Yesterday, it was up to Brickfield Lane for football at Hadley FC for a very enthralling game of footie and today it's off to The Pizza Express for a Jazz lunch with Ian Shaw and Joe Stilgoe. Oh yeah, made a little video for the Save London Music Campaign as well, Please have a shufti. It's at the bottom of the page

But that's enough about me, what have Barnet's Twitteratti been up to? Here for your delectation, is my selection of the best tweets. 

1. Lets start with a follow up to one of last weeks tweets of the week. This was fascinating and hats off to the Mill Hill Historical Society for amazing slueth work

2. This has to be the most hilarious tweet of the week. My Father in law did the same thing with my sister in law!

3. Hats off to these fine people!

4. Nice!

5. Can anyone throw any light on the Cricklewood chipmunk uprising?

6. Love a good Ford Capri. My Dad had a souped up three litre Mk1 Capri, with a fancy paint job and a go faster stripe!

7. This is pretty damn good. Wish I'd know this was on

8. Always love a tweet with a handsome doggy in, especially if it's promoting something wonderful

9. Why not indeed?

10. A date for your diary, watch this space

Please have a look at this if you've got a minute and read this from The George Tavern in Shadwell

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