Wednesday 12 January 2022

Have you ever been to a 'Bring your own booze' work event?

 I've had a long, illustrious career. I've worked for myself, for small companies, for middle sized companies and for blue chip companies. I've been to all manner of 'work events', 'team building events', 'team lunches' etc. I've never been to a 'bring your own booze in the garden' event. I've been on plenty of after work booze ups, picnics with work mates, etc. The difference is that when it is a work do, your boss organises it, pays for the refreshments and expects you to go. When it is a social get together, you pay your own way and attendance is up to you. Given that 100 people were invited, you had to bring your own booze and it was specifically mentioned that the good weather would be enjoyed, it is insulting to expect us to believe that it was work. 

I just re-read the blog I posted on 20th May 2020 - -it is pretty clear that myself and my friends had bought into the rules. Boris had a lot of good will. He has squandered it all. I hope and pray that we've beaten the virus and the pandemic if finally over, because if he has to call another one, it will be nigh on impossible to get us all to buy into it. The results could be fatal for a lot of people. 

As for what will happen to Boris. Tory MP's are not stupid. Unlike Labour, they don't hang around when they decide a leader is going to cost them votes. They achieved an 80 seat majority when Boris was in his honeymoon period and Labour had Jeremy Corbyn. Every single one of them is aware of the size of their majority and that an unpopular Boris and a Labour party lead by Keir Starmer is a very different proposition to the people who put them in the House of Commons. Tory MP's who find their position under threat will treat Boris no more kindly than they treated Margaret Thatcher. The best case scenario is that no more embarrassing dead cats are lobbed over the wall by Dominic Cummings. If I was a gambling man, I'd not bet my house on that. My gut feeling is that no prospective leader will want to take over whilst there is still a risk of more variants and more lockdowns. The nightmare scenario for them is that they don't get rid of Boris and he sinks them. If Boris is still around for the May Council elections, we will see the true extent of the damage. I wonder how many have the balls to wait?

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