Sunday 16 January 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 16th Jan 2021

 So how has your week been? Mine has been pleasant enough. Having had a dry two weeks at the start of January, I thoroughly enjoyed having a couple of beers and watching Hadley FC yesterday (more of that later). On the work front, we had the hassle of a break in at our premises on Thursday night. The hassle that scumbags who thieve and rob cause for small businesses trying to survive a pandemic is absolutely unforgiveable. Whilst insurance covers the cost of losses, it doesn't cover the stress, aggrevation and general unpleasantness of what you have to deal with. Please support your local small businesses and please do not buy hooky goods. You are just encouraging scumbags who need no encouragement. 

Anyway, enough of my week. What have the esteemed tweeters of the Borough of Barnet been up to?

1. Lets start with the best goal you'll see in the Borough of Barnet this year. A cracking game at Brickfield Lane last night

2. This is a tragedy. The Station that never was. Mill Hill Tube station, which would have made getting between Edgware, Mill Hill, Finchley and surrounding areas far better, reducing pollution etc

3. Following up on one of last weeks selection, Mr Ian McGreevy, our unofficial loca roads correspondent, has produced a definitive guide to the abandoned accesses to the M1 motorway in Mill Hill.

4. And now for something completely different. A big shout out to the rather marvellous Silkstreamers and the amazing work they are doing preserving our local waterways. Mind you, not sure if the paddling pool would have too many takers.

5. If you want to get included in this list, a bit of gold dust North London music history is a surefire way, This is brilliant. I loved the Torrington

6. This is a great pic.

7. I can thoroughly recommend this. A great way to learn about one of London's finest green sapces

8. The most wonderful tree in Totteridge

9. It's how things get better. Please make the effort

10. A tale of dodgy drummers and rule breaking!

That's all folks!

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