Sunday 2 January 2022

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 2nd January 2022

 So we made it through to another year. What does the new year hold. We had a pleasant week, we went up to Shropshire for a few days to see New Year in. It was most pleasant. The highlight was meeting up with the False Dots first gigging drummer, the amazing Mr Dav Davies after 40 years. A great bloke and a magnificent drummer.

How was your celebration? Without further ado, here is our selection from the Tweeters of Barnet

1. We love to find fine new local accounts. This looks like a good one!

2. How could I possibly not include this. BTW the False Dots have a brand new song called the Burnt Oak Boogie, that names such places as The Bald Face Stag, the Beta Cafe, the Fishmonger near Barnfield Road, the Market and the Annunciation club. Expect the album in the late spring

3. Funny to think these were probably my Gandparents friends when they lived down on the Watling!

4. Happy New Year to all at the Borough's finest footie team. Ending the season barbecuing some silly Salami's!

5. Happy New Year to everyone who had to work to keep the rest of us moving, healthy and safe!

6. Nice pics of the Dollis Valley Viaduct, the longest on the Northern Line

7. This was a wonderful discussion, earlier in the week

8. Always worth a look around

9. Nice footage of the old Sacred Heart Church in Mill Hill

10. And once more, Happy New Ear to all!

That's all folks!

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