Thursday 24 November 2022

#SaveLondonMusic - A brilliant night at The Dublin Castle

Sometimes you wake up from your slumbers and the skies are grey, your head is hurting and the alarm clock is not welcome. Then you think back to the previous night and the world seems wonderful. For me, there is nothing better than a night of live music. I love watching great bands and I love performing with my band. We were booked to play the Dublin Castle, with The Shoals, Divided Compass and The Blood Tub Chairman. The Dublin Castle is probably my favourite pub venue in London. It is one of the few pub venues which is still authentically an old school music pub. Bugbear Promotions who manage the bands put together very interesting bills. Last night we started with the Blood Tub Chairman, who specialises in keeping the legacy of Music Hall alive

I love artists that go a bit against the grain and plough a different furrow. The Blood Tub Chairman certainly did and I'll deffo be keeping an eye open for them

Next up were Divided Compass, a wonderful young band. I was impressed by both the excellent musicianship and some excellent ideas. They were kind enough to tweet a little clip of The False Dots playing, which was lovely to watch.

They are a great band and they really need to capture their live energy in some good quality videos if they do I'm sure they'll do very well. I especially liked the guitarist who had a little touch of the Jimi Hendrix's about him. Keep an eye out for them.

The next band were The Shoals, a north London band featuring Daley Thompson, son of Lee Thompson on drums. They are a five piece Ska outfit and are very good. The trumpet player Harry is a real talent. Here's a clip of them from their previous appearance with some meaty sax from the legendary Spenser Wade of Bad Manners fame

Last up was my band. We had an absolute blast. The venue was packed and everyone was boogieing as you can see from the Divided Compass clip. After the gig, we stayed for a couple of hours as the venue was buzzing. There were people from Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Russia all keen for a chat. Many had just nipped down to see what a grassroots London venue was like and were blown away by the friendly atmosphere and the great vibes. 

As a musician, your aim is to send people home with a smile on their faces. I think all of the bands did that admirably. Barring the unexpected, this was The False Dots last gig of 2022, a year that started in lockdown, has seen 3 Prime Ministers, a World Cup, a war in Europe and a cost of living crisis. I joked a couple of years ago that economic hardship breeds good music. Maybe I was on to something as last night was wonderful


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